Make Evidence-Based Product Decisions

We help startups make more decisions derived from data and fewer based on gut alone

Make something people want

Learn who your customers are and what problems they have. Then try to validate your solution, so that you can quickly get to Product-Market-Fit.

Prove you're an investable business

Focus your development and data collection on metrics that will help investors understand why you're a risk worth taking.

Become more lean & efficient

Implement feedback loops, experimentation frameworks and other best practices, in order to minimise wasted resources and gain a real competitive advantage.

What we can help you with

Use evidence when you prioritise

With your limited resources, you cannot build all of your ideas. Yet choosing what to build next can often be a struggle.

We'll help you identify impediments that make your decisions harder and recommend frameworks to get you making more objective decisions.

Find out what's working

If you cannot tell whether changes you make are effective, you'll be 'flying blind'. You'll struggle to fix issues and you may overlook opportunities to double-down on your successes.

We'll suggest feeback loops that can give you the visibility you need to start asking the right questions.

Optimise your leaky funnels

If you have poorly performing acquisition, activation or retention funnels, you're inadvertently wasting your growth-related resources (tech, sales and marketing resources).

We'll suggest ways for you to start making iterative improvements to these funnels.

Uncover hidden opportunities

You already have a gazillion feature ideas, so it may seem counter-intuitive to look for more. But taking an exploratory approach may give you a new perspective that helps you find the real opportunity.

We'll recommend research questions and methods you can use to better understand your customers' desires, challenges and how they interact with your product.



  • Regular, tailored advice to help you evolve into a data-driven company
  • First we'll analyse your data, strategy and product management processes
  • Then we'll agree a plan for you to slowly become more evidence-based - introducing one small change per month
  • We'll catch up twice-a-month to maintain momentum, discuss how you can overcome your challenges and agree how else we can support you
  • We'll also be available for ad-hoc queries via email or Skype
  • Each month we'll spend a day or two on mini-project for you (see "Detailed Projects" section for ideas of topics we could cover)

Detailed Projects

  • Fixed-scope projects to help you in one specific aspect of your business
  • Possible projects:
    1. KPIs & Strategy: Identify ways your KPIs & strategy could be adapted to promote objective decison-making, in your team
    2. Actionable dashboards: Set up a metrics dashboard that helps you see what is and isn't working (and begin to understand why this is the case)
    3. Planning meetings: Reboot your backlog prioritisation meetings to (a) put metrics front-and-centre and (b) put emphasis on validating hypotheses, rather than just building what seems right
    4. Experiment setup: Help you become more experimental - by planning & running some hypothesis tests on your behalf
    5. Analytics healthcheck: Review your analytics setup and recommend what you can do to maximise the benefit you get from your tools
    6. Customer segmentation: Analyse who is currently using your product, why they're using it and where to find other people like them
    7. Retention analysis: Identify testable hypotheses why your customers are leaving (using interviews & data analysis)
    8. Loyalty analysis: Identify testable hypotheses why certain customers are more loyal than others; and what you can try to boost loyalty across the board (using interviews & data analysis)
    9. User Testing setup: Help you put continuous and collaborative usability tests at the heart of your product development process
    10. Funnel analysis: Identify testable hypotheses why your acquisition & activation funnels are performing poorly (using interviews & data analysis)

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